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Tennessee's Corvette Parts Resource

              My name is John "The Wildcat" Llewellyn and I LOVE Corvettes!

A Corvette enthusiast for as long as I can remember, I've turned a hobby into a passion for the cars and the people who drive them. I strive to create and maintain personal relationships with anyone I come in contact with that shares my love for these unique and beautiful TRUE AMERICAN SPORTS CARS.

I'm a longtime member of the
East Tennessee Corvette Club, and enjoy taking my own customized C-5  convertable out on the road with local groups whenever I get the chance. Lets RIDE!

I've rebuilt C-5s from the chassis up and also  disassembed them completely. I can sell you the needed part, and install them if you need it. I can even customize lettering on dash assemblys, logos, wheel designs and window decals.

You be creative and tell
me what you want and I'll tell you how I can make it happen; or let me share with you my unique vision and let me help you make your Corvette, any generation, the car you deserve. Affordability, knowledge, creativity and passion set me apart from most larger after market parts retailers.

I'm located in Knoxville Tennessee, easily accesible from I-75 at Callahan Road.  I attend most local shows including spring and fall 
CorvetteExpo in Sevierville. So look for my BIG RED trailer filled with C-5 parts and accessories and stop and say hello! I promise we'll have SOMETHING to talk about.

The C-5 Corvette has been out of production 8  years now and General Motors is no longer making many of the parts needed to keep them running, or to fix up the broken parts.  If you are in need a a specific part
contact us and we'll find it for you. 

John Llewellyn (865) 604 0498
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